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CO2 Emission Savings Per Year 

300 Households successfully using our Manual Briquetting Solutions.

Approximately 1500 Ton/year of Firewood saved so far.

2850 Tons/year of CO2 Emissions SAVED SO FAR!!

  • So far, 300 Households using our Manual Briquetting products.

  • On an average: 

    • Per Person per year consumption of Firewood in India: 1 Ton (1000 kg).

    • No. of people per family in Rural India: 5

    • Therefore, the total consumption of Firewood per household is: 5 Ton (5000 kg).

  • For 300 Households, on an average, consumption of Firewood: 1500 Ton/year.

  • CO2 Emission upon burning of per kg of Firewood: 1.9 kg approximately.

  • Therefore, per person per year CO2 emission: 1.9 Tons.

  • So for 300 households with an average of 5 people/family average CO2 Consumption: 2,850 Tons/year.

  • SO, CO2 EMISSIONS SAVED SO FAR: 2850 Tons/Year approximately.

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